The internet is not a level playing field. To compete with the corporate-supported music, us indie artists need your active support more than ever! Every time you tweet, share, thumbs up, add to a playlist, or use our music in your viral cat video, we get a tiny boost that helps us make more music, tour to your town, get that better gig, and take our music further. The suggestions below apply not just to me but to all local and indie artists! We all thank you for supporting independent and local music! 

Pick your poison

PLEDGEMUSIC - Pre-order Megiddo on vinyl or pick up other items in the store! Your pre-orders and purchases help make the vinyl reissue possible!

SPOTIFY ~ Most helpful: Add my songs to playlists! Also: Follow my artist page

YOUTUBE ~ Most helpful: Subscribe to and share my channel! Most fun: Make a cover video one of my songs! Also: Add my videos/songs to playlists

PANDORA ~ Most helpful: Thumbs-up my tracks, use my music to 'add variety' to your favorite stations. Also: Create/add a "Lauren Hoffman" or "Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm" channel (yes Pandora sees them as distinct and separate), download my station to listen offline

ITUNES ~ Rate and review my albums!

REAL LIFE ~ Tell someone you are hanging out with about my songs, old school style! ;) Or tell them that they can:


IN YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS ~ Use my music (on Pandora station, Spotify radio, or your own curated playlist, etc) as background music where you work - like a coffeeshop, boutique, bar, tattoo parlor, auto parts store, specialty food shop, cafe, restaurant, etc 

DJs & ELECTRONIC MUSICIANS ~ Talk to me about sampling some of my vocals or remixing my tracks!

IN YOUR FILM, PODCAST, PROMOTIONAL VIDEO ~ If you're in involved in filmmaking, podcasting, Netflix/Amazon/Hulu shows, NPR, or advertising (for a cool product), you probably need music! To use one of the songs I've written and recorded, contact me for a license @ lauren at


JOIN MY EMAIL LIST (I only send emails roughly quarterly and/or when I've released new music or videos):

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