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I used to play solo shows mostly, especially during the "From The Blue House" and "Choreography" eras. Since I wrote all the songs with just my voice and a guitar or piano, they can all work that way... But playing with a band is often more fun for me, and usually helps me feel a little less terrified to perform in front of an audience. In 2013 I put together the band that would become The Secret Storm. They were able to faithfully perform many of the arrangements from the "Choreography" album and that felt so gratifying for me. From there we started working on new songs and recording them and that's what eventually became the "Family Ghost" album, released in early 2017. Now I do both solo shows and shows with the Secret Storm. But really, playing live isn't my biggest priority. Its really all about 

Inquiries can be made by emailing lauren at forlauren dot com, but keep in mind that I am a single mom so unless you want to invite me to play on a big fancy tour (which by all means, go ahead), I can only perform in the VA-DC-NC region.